A 14-year-old boy has managed to escape from two abductors

A horrific story happened with a brave young man. A 14-year-old boy has managed to escape from two abductors.
He was cycling near one of the villages of Hilton when two suspects stopped him and blanket over him.

“I had no time to react,” – told the victim
“I said I have money and a bank card. They didn’t want anything. I told them that because I do competitive cycling, my bike is worth R150000, but they didn’t want my bike, either.”

Fortunately, the boy has seen that a car was opened. He tried to open a car and yelled “Help”. But no one car has not stopped.

He said his abductors’ car was traveling slowly, at around 10km per hour to 20km/*, and they threw him out.

A teen managed to escape also because of his sister. She said to brother about a kidnapping.

“She told me how, in Durban, some people get shipped off to Nigeria. They drug them and then send them off for thousands of rands.”
“Last year, she showed me a place, in Durban, where someone was kidnapped.”

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