Road Accident Benefits Scheme (Rabs). Guilty parties are set to benefit

A new government initiative “Road Accident Benefits Scheme (Rabs)” about roads crashes provides for benefits for guilty parties are set to benefit.

As reported by DSC Attorneys’ lawyer Kirstie Haslam: “In contrast, Rabs is intended to be a ‘no fault’ system providing compensation to all individuals seriously injured in road accidents, regardless of whether those individuals were responsible for the accidents”

it is worth noting, that from December 1 to January 8 have been killed around 42 people, not to mention injured victims. The causes of those car crashes are mostly “human factors” as alcohol influence and negligence.

“But the scheme would not hinder guilty drivers from criminal prosecution despite their dependents being entitled to the benefit, RAF’s Phumelela Dhlomo pointed out,” said the spokesperson.

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