Panyaza Lesufi has spoken out about stolen stuff at the Menzi Primary School

Department MEC Panyaza Lesufi

Department MEC Panyaza Lesufi has said today about crime at the Menzi Primary School. As reported earlier, several unknown have broken into the school and stolen scholars necessary stuff.

According to official police information:
“It is alleged that two patrollers were tied up and locked in one of the strong rooms. The criminals broke the main volt door to access the keys of the entire school. In all the other volts they opened with keys. Some of the keys were left, but the school is still checking if there are any other keys missing”

He said the following expensive resources were stolen:
• All 185 learner tablets
• 8 teacher laptops
• 2 x data projectors
• 3 x desktop computers
• Plasma TV
• Petty cash of less than R500
• Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for cameras (hard drive)
For now, scholars do not any e-textbooks for learning.

The department would work with law enforcement agencies to bring the perpetrators to book.

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