A fake killer demanded money

An extraordinary suspect was arrested by the Durban Organised Crime Investigation Unit. The 46 y.o.man pretended a hitman and demanded money to not kill a victim.
Police spokesperson Captain Simphiwe Mhlongo said in a statement: “It is alleged that Mkhungo pretended to be a hitman who was hired to kill the complainant. He allegedly phoned and sent text messages to her demanding cash so that he would stop carrying out the hit. Preliminary investigation has revealed that Mkhungo tried to extort money from several other victims.”

According to official information by police spokesperson, the “hitman” threated some councilor and demand R5000. “What astonishes me is that he pretended to be someone who knows me and knows that I am a counselor. He told me that he had been hired to kill me and said if I did not give him the money he would not tell me the name of the person who had hired him and that the day would not come to an end with me still being alive as he would find me,” the counselor told the publication.
For now, this case postponed to January 22.

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