A man was arrested for alleged extortion of Bedfordview family

Members of the Bedfordview Police Department have nabbed a 34 y.o. man recently. He was charged for alleged extortion of family. The culprits demanded via WhatsApp a sum of R30 000.

Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago reported: “The perpetrator also mentioned the fact that he knew that the man was a wealthy person. The perpetrator demanded that unless he is paid an amount of R30 000 he would do something drastic to the man and his family,”

After receiving information that demanded money was taken by the suspect, Members of SWAT have managed to arrest a man.

“The suspect was pounced upon when he picked up the bag of cash and arrested.

“The cash was recovered, and a cellphone found on the suspect reflected the threatening messages he had been communicating to the victim,” Kgasago added.

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