Video. Crowd tried to stop police from arresting a man

The incident happened on Thursday as a video below. We can see that a two police officer tried to capture a man. People around them are yelling just one question “what is his offense?” and shout at the police. Suspect as a crowd around resists to arresting.

On the other hand, the general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi declared:
“I don’t care about the nationally of the offender – a crime is a crime! All those guys preventing the arrest of the suspect must be rounded up and arrested for the obstruction of justice.”

Also, about this case there is another point of view:
“Your observations reeks of stupidity as the pertinent question should be what type of crime did this man commit and why ain’t the cops doing it by the book? Two plainclothes officers? No van no backup?? Getting harassed and yet not calling for backup? Signs of corrupt cops?”

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