Archbishop Makgoba: “You should choose another way”

Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town Thabo Makgoba said about the wrong way, that people choose to solve problems mostly. He used a Christmas Eve sermon to tell about violence and which role it would be in our lives.

At first, Archbishop declared those steps which were taken by Ramaphosa to solve the main problem of SA corruption were useful, but not enough. His speech included^

“We welcome the changes in government since last Christmas when I called for the replacement of the president at the time. We welcome those steps taken to clean up government and to root out corruption in the public and private sectors.
“But how far will good, clean government take us when people are being killed on picket lines, stabbed in our schools, beaten up in service delivery protests and assassinated in disputes over who will hold public office?”
Thabo Makgoba also said the government, leaders of the country and another statesman should be an example for all society.

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