Statistic of vehicle crashes in SA

At least 767 people have died in car crashes in Johannesburg recently. It increased on 16 percent than in previous year. In order to avoid this, there is interesting and useful information for many drivers:
“What stands out quite glaringly is that many vehicles involved in fatal crashes had a high number of occupants and with most crashes occurring between 7pm and 8pm and between 10pm and 11pm. Since December the 1st, the majority of crashes happened on Saturday, Sunday and Monday,”

Car crashes include light vehicles, it’s approximately a half of whole crashes members, light delivery vehicles at 21 percent, minibus taxis at 7 and trucks 5.

Transport Minister Blade Nzimande said: ”Since the beginning of our heightened road safety programme, we’ve had 44 fatalities from crashes involving five minibus taxis and trucks. Minibus operators must consider having two drivers to relieve each other during long distance journeys to avoid fatigue. This is a small price to pay to avoid the untold misery and pain that families and society.

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