Is it necessary for paramedics to be armed?

According to South African Emergency Personnel Union (SAEPU) and president of this union Mpho Mpogeng, today paramedic’s job is under high pressure because of increasing members of attack and robber. As a solution to this problem, the union insists of carrying firearms:

“We decided to do something about it. We’ve tried all the stakeholders, and they are not interested,” Mpogeng said.
He also added: “Enough is enough. If the behavior in the community does not change, then the carrying of firearms must continue after the festive season”.

He said many people died this year because paramedics did not want to go to certain incidents without the police in attendance. He said they had stopped going out to cases involving violence.

The problem is also is a clear understanding of crimes, that paramedics don’t carry guns. Because of it, an emergency should wait for the police arrive. At the same time, it’s a controversial question still.

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  1. Albert 5 months ago

    I support the carrying of firearmes by them medics. Also how about the unions claiming protection from security companies.rather. ) (i guess wont be long before them undertakers will also be facing similar crime) rgds

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