Bloodshed at the new-year party

The terrible story happened at the party organized by the Ivory Park Taxi Association on 8 December. In fact, an unknown man shot a member of the taxi association patrol squad. Capitan Bernard Matimulane reported:

“We strongly condemn the attack. The motive of the murder is still unknown. The police are investigating two cases of murder and one of attempted murder.”

A member of the patrol squad went out of the building in order to answer a phone call. In this time the murderer shot 5 bullets in the chest and 5 in legs. The squad’s member dead on the place.

“Unconfirmed reports suggested that the attack might have been a result of a personal matter he had back at home which we would not like to involve ourselves in.

“The reports also suggested that he was traced into the country. The incident is very regrettable, especially because the event was organized for community members and attended by councilors.”

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