“I never meant to kill her. She is my daughter.” (c)

A horrible story happened on Tuesday morning. Venolia Avend the drug-addicted girl started to demand a food, that she should get from her mother for getting drugs. Between them began a rude quarrel.

“She was stealing everything in my house. She stole my clothes… our toiletries, kitchen appliances and every item she could get in the house. She sold them to buy drugs.” – said Dunn.

According to the Venolia’s mother Veronica Raquel Dunn, she didn’t want to kill her daughter, it was a self-defense. Also, there was another daughter – Ashadine, 21.

“I had to save my life and my Ashadine’s. I never meant to kill her. It was a snap of a moment and can’t forgive myself. I killed my daughter that I loved. I was shocked and still don’t believe. I then handed myself over to the Eldorado Park police.”


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