A young girl was raped and murdered

“My child was a good child. She didn’t party, drink, or smoke. She always helped other people and she looked after other people’s children. Now she is gone and we already miss her so much.” – said Ronel’s mom.

It’s happened near Middelplaas. Ronel Martins walked to her parents and meet a man, which offered to go with her. It was last evening of the poor girl.

Family members said that they haven’t worried yet when she didn’t come to them on Saturday. They thought she stayed at home. But Ronel didn’t come at home on Sunday.

“When she still hadn’t arrived home on Sunday, the family started to worry. The deacon told us on Sunday that Ronel is dead. There is also a rumor that she was raped. The people that found her said her jeans were pulled down, and her shoes were placed aside. We think she was murdered on Saturday.”

As it turned out, a murder was an acquaintance of Ronel’s. He is Flip le Grange. Killer appeared in the Oudtshoorn Magistrate’s court on Wednesday, and the case has been postponed to January 29 while further investigations take place.

This article was translated from Afrikaans by Nica Schreuder. 

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