Three children have been abducted

The first case about a woman, which managed to escape from a kidnapper’s taxi. She jumped out of a moving car.

Police reported: “The victim managed to jump from the moving taxi upon seeing police and traffic department members along the N2. SAPS and traffic officials swiftly pursued the suspect and managed to arrest him.”

Meanwhile, such offenses are found extremely often in Gauteng. The spokesperson of police said In the first incident, a 17-year-old boy was kidnapped on December 1, 2018, at Kromiet street, Croydon. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of R10,000.  Working closely with hostage negotiators, the family managed to pay an amount of R5,000 through an e-wallet transaction”.

Another case: “The child was robbed of his cellphone and an amount of R450 before being dropped off in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. A case of kidnapping has been opened at Sebenza police station and investigations are currently underway”.

The third case is similar for previous: “the third incident took place on December 3, 2018, at around 4pm in Clayville Ext 21 where three boys, aged between eight and nine years, were kidnapped”.

Fortunately, the kids have been reunited with their families.

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