New safety tips for women


December 10 is Human Rights Day. But on the other hand on this day every woman should remember about another one – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It runs from November 25 and ends up to December 10.

Pursuant to Statistics SA’s Victims of Crime Survey about 1.5 million crime incidents were registered in 2016/17. So, for an increase of self-confidence and safety on the streets, there are several apps.

Namola is a free app that allows users to send their coordinates. Also, there is a possibility to invite to five emergency contacts who will be alerted whenever you request assistance

It’s a useful personal app that can help people create a “social safety net”. By means of different functions, users can watch for their friend’s location via GPS and set a timer that will automatically send a message if they don’t return in time. Users can invite people they know. For example only their friend or family member.

The main feature of this app is recording cellphones, images, video and location information just at the touch of a button. 
“We’ve all viewed cellphone footage where those caught in the act attempt to seize victims’ mobile phones. With MiBlackBox’s offsite secure server, once incriminating files are recorded, it doesn’t matter what happens to the cellphone,” says Brent Thomson, managing director of MiBlackBox.

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