The cause of the destructive #AlexFire in Johannesburg was the fight

The details of the strongest fire that occurred the day before in Alexandra, Johannesburg, became known. As a result of the incident, many local residents had to be evacuated. A strong fire arose on Thursday evening, between London and 22nd streets. According to eyewitnesses, the cause of a strong fire was a fight between participants in the love triangle. At that time, the victims of the disaster were not reported. According to one of the local residents, the fire started as a result of a fight that broke out between the participants in the love triangle and affected hundreds of homes.

One of the attackers decided to “take revenge” on his opponent and set fire to his home. However, the emergency services at the moment do not confirm this version of the fire and say that the fire arose “as a result of a fight.” At the moment it is known that all victims in the fire are transported to a safe place.

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