Man sentenced for attempted murder and rape of a girlfriend in Bethlehem

By a decision of The Bethlehem Regional Court yesterday, a 37-year-old boy was sentenced for raping a 32-year-old girlfriend. In addition, the man received another ten years for attempted murder – the criminal was angry that the girl drank his beer and he attacked her with scissors.

The police captain, commenting on the details of the incident, noted that the crimes were committed on April 26. The defendant and his girlfriend were heading home from a cafe in Clarens, a town near Maluti Mountains in the Free State province. Upon returning home, the young people drank alcohol, and after that the girl decided to drink her boyfriend’s beer. The girl’s act angered the man, and he pounced on her with scissors and stabbed, and then raped her for several days.

As a result, the girl managed to escape and reported the incident to the police. On account of the suspect – several rapes and attempted murder.

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